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What has become of these marvelous doctors?

One of the topics that I write most about on this blog is the interaction of healthcare information technology with frontline clinical medicine, which I believe to be among the most critical issues facing the practice of medicine at the moment. With statistics now ...Read More

A doctor that every patient would want

The practice of medicine has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, with many of the changes unfortunately not so good for patients. It’s a well-known feeling among healthcare professionals, that among all the new elements of bureaucracy and information technology requirements and ...Read More

The very real-world limits of patient satisfaction

Everyone involved in healthcare, and particularly hospital care, has witnessed a sea change over the last decade. Things that were never even thought about, let alone formally taught to frontline doctors and nurses, have now come to the forefront. Chief among these is the ...Read More

Virtual medicine: is it what patients really want?

The idea of “virtual medicine” appears to have really taken off in the last couple of years. With so many other aspects of our lives being conducted via computers, it seems like the next natural step for the medical field. Healthcare publications—both online and ...Read More

Patient experience: Not just a bumper sticker

Improving patient experience is all the rage these days. Hospital administrators across the land are talking about it. This can only be good for our patients and for the healthcare system at large. Satisfied customers are what every industry strives for. It is a ...Read More