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Pareto’s Principle in Hospital Medicine

There are certain universal laws that appear to govern the broader workings of the world around us. For those of you unfamiliar with Pareto’s Principle, it’s a concept that was first applied in economics and then found to be a governing rule in a ...Read More

What’s in a name for the hospital doctor?

A while back I wrote about my chosen profession as a hospital doctor and my own personal dislike for the term “hospitalist”. As the number of hospital medicine doctors soars towards the 40,000 mark, what we call ourselves is becoming more important than ever. ...Read More

Hospital docs: To round on only one floor, or not to?

A major debate taking place in the hospital medicine community over the last several years concerns the way in which we cohort patients on the medical floors. The traditional way is to have patients belonging to each doctor scattered across the hospital on several ...Read More

A letter from a medical patient to the hospital CEO

We are at a pivotal moment in healthcare. It’s changing so rapidly even the people leading the change can barely keep up. One of the biggest paradigm shifts over the last decade is the focus on quality over quantity. Improving the healthcare experience and ...Read More

Hospital Medicine: Driving the future of healthcare

Hospital medicine has rapidly become one of the largest specialties in the United States. As the number of practicing hospital medicine doctors soars above the 30,000 mark and healthcare reform takes hold, the specialty finds itself at the forefront of American medicine. And for ...Read More