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Improving communication in healthcare

Being a physician, or working in healthcare in general, is about as much of a social and personable job as one can get. This is something that’s sadly not taught adequately in medical school to future doctors. Even during a typical physician’s career, there ...Read More

It’s all about the communication

Despite all the challenges that we, and every other nation, faces with their healthcare systems, it’s worth remembering that in the broader picture we really have progressed in leaps and bounds over the last several decades. How easy is it to forget that only ...Read More

5 things that doctors learn from their patients

    For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new healthcare paradigm—which is of course the right way forward—the doctor patient relationship will always remain relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. Essentially, patients come to doctors for help, ...Read More

Aristotle's overlooked contribution to Medicine

 Think Aristotle, and medicine may not be the first thing to enter your head. Remaining one of the most influential people of all time, he is of course better known for his immense contributions to philosophy and the physical sciences. However, we shouldn’t overlook ...Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dr Galen…..

Ever heard of Dr Galen? If not, I hope I can do justice to one of the most accomplished physicians of all time in just a few paragraphs. Dr Claudius (Aelius) Galen lived in the 2nd century AD and practiced medicine in ancient Rome. ...Read More