Donald Trump Archive

Being an Independent, the most liberating feeling

Exactly a year ago, on the day of last year’s election, I wrote a piece that touched upon humankind’s turbulent history, basic traits, and inevitable propensity for division and conflict—based upon an amazing book I read: A Little History of the World. I related ...Read More

An Open Letter to the new HHS Secretary Dr Tom Price

Dear Dr Price, Congratulations on your upcoming appointment as the new Health and Human Services Secretary under our soon-to-be President Trump. As a physician myself, it’s great to know that a fellow physician will head up the agency. I’m sure you understand too, having ...Read More

Donald Trump and the cult of personality

When Donald John Trump announced that he was running for President last summer, most people didn’t know quite what to think. Was this serious or some sort of publicity stunt? Would he be in the race for more than just a few weeks of ...Read More

Maybe healthcare needs a Donald Trump or two

He’s loud, brash and audacious. He’s been a celebrity for decades, a well-known businessman and reality TV star. And anyone who is even remotely following the news at the moment knows he’s also dominating headlines with his Presidential run. I’m going to pause here ...Read More