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What has become of these marvelous doctors?

One of the topics that I write most about on this blog is the interaction of healthcare information technology with frontline clinical medicine, which I believe to be among the most critical issues facing the practice of medicine at the moment. With statistics now ...Read More

How healthcare IT can produce lower quality robotic records

Despite the well-known rollout problems for hospitals and clinics across the nation, there are many palpable and welcome advantages to using Electronic Health Records. Chief among these are the ability to access the chart from anywhere, rapidly search for information needed, and reducing the ...Read More

Healthcare information technology: new rules

Information technology clearly has a long way to go before it delivers on the immense promise of technology to truly improve healthcare. Most of the current solutions—quickly rolled out in response to Meaningful Use requirements—are slow, inefficient and cumbersome. Physicians (and nurses) spend far ...Read More

5 ways that healthcare IT must get better

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at a large event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, about how healthcare information technology needs to better integrate itself with the realities of frontline medicine, while also enabling doctors and nurses to spend maximum time with patients. The audience ...Read More