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Healthcare IT: I was duped

Last week I was playing golf with some friends. The Boston area has been having a bit of an Indian summer, and we are lucky to still be getting out there (long may it last). The conversation during one of the holes turned to healthcare information ...Read More

When the doctor became the “Provider”

It’s a change in nomenclature that’s come a bit out of the blue over the last few years. The forces appear to be aligning to gradually push the word “Doctor” out of the center and towards the periphery of healthcare. Whether we are talking ...Read More

My vision for healthcare information technology

Over the last year I’ve written a lot about the problems with healthcare IT and how we need to get better. Unfortunately, unlike other aspects of our life where information technology has actually made life easier, in healthcare the user experience been nowhere near ...Read More

5 ways that healthcare IT must get better

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at a large event in Cambridge, Massachusetts, about how healthcare information technology needs to better integrate itself with the realities of frontline medicine, while also enabling doctors and nurses to spend maximum time with patients. The audience ...Read More

Why does Computerized Physician Order Entry take so long?

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is being rolled out across our nations’ hospitals. The old days of written, and often illegible, orders from doctors are fast becoming a thing of the past. The potential for this measure to improve patient safety and transform medical ...Read More