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Healthcare IT: Have we now reached a critical mass?

One of the topics I’ve written most about on this blog has been our woes with inefficient and cumbersome electronic medical records (EMRs). I started writing about this subject at least three years ago, because it’s one of the issues I feel most passionate ...Read More

How to be more like that “old school physician”

The term “old school” in many facets of life has negative connotations. We live in a modern, technologically advanced and fast-paced world—and there’s no room for certain people who appear to hold us back. Last year I wrote an article about an experience I ...Read More

Hospital Medicine as a specialty for the future

At the beginning of this month I attended the annual Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) conference in San Diego. This was my fourth time at this particular conference, the first being in 2008 when I was presenting a poster as a final year medical ...Read More