Suneel Dhand has spoken to a variety of audiences in a number of different settings. He is the Founder & Director of MangoWell, which provides consulting and training services to hospitals and healthcare professionals (please go to the official MangoWell website to find out more about these services).

Dr Dhand’s presentations, talks and seminars reflect his areas of expertise and cover the following topics:


– Improving communication in healthcare: “Techniques and methods for doctors to better communicate with patients” and “How healthcare organizations can better communicate their message to the general public”

– Integrating healthcare IT with frontline clinical workflow: “Maximize your IT systems to work for frontline medicine”

– Hospital quality improvement:  “The Frontline Hospital Quality Improvement Seminar”

– Improving patient experience:  “The Ultimate Patient Experience Seminar”

– Workplace well-being:  “Maximize your work potential: Become more productive, satisfied, creative and successful”


Please call for more information on course content

Format: Full-day seminar. Can also be shortened to a 1-2 hour keynote talk if required

All full courses come with learning materials including booklet and supplemental materials

For more information and scheduling please contact:


Telephone (toll-free): 1-855-233-0160


Dr Dhand’s other presentations:

– “Hospital medicine at the center of healthcare reform: A specialty for the future”

– “The Healthcare Debate: 5 Lessons that American history teaches us about how we overcome obstacles”

-“Healthcare through the ages: A historical journey of how we got to where we are today”