Suneel Dhand’s 10-point common sense manifesto for frontline healthcare:


1. The patient always comes first

2. The healthcare system must enable doctors and nurses to spend maximum time with their patients

3. Meaningful healthcare quality improvement can only be driven from the frontlines, and physicians and nurses must lead in healthcare

4. All technological advances must add real value for the patient. Doctors must never spend more time interacting with their screen rather than the patient

5. A complete and thorough history and physical is the core of good medicine

6. The trusted doctor-patient relationship is sacred, and must take front and center stage in any healthcare system

7. Quality always over quantity

8. Healthcare leaders and policymakers must never lose touch with the frontlines

9. Prevention is always better than cure

10. Ours is a compassionate profession

…and again, the patient always comes first


Suneel Dhand’s 10-point manifesto for Healthcare Information Technology:


1. Studies suggest that medical interns now spend only about 10% of their day in direct patient care. This scale must be tipped drastically towards patients

2. New information technology requirements must be properly reconciled with frontline clinical workflow

3. Physicians should not be staring at a screen, typing and clicking, while the patient is in front of them

4. Healthcare IT must be streamlined and concise

5. Doctors must not become “type and click bots”

6. The best healthcare IT for the future will be that which is “seen and not heard” and enables doctors to spend maximum time with patients

7. IT departments everywhere must seek frontline physician input before implementing any solutions

8. IT is an aide, and not the central part, of the doctor-patient relationship

9. Physicians must work with IT professionals, and give appropriate feedback where necessary

10. Healthcare is, and always will be, about human beings