“What do Thomas Jefferson, the American Revolution, and health & well-being all have in common?…..A historical fiction book to make you stop and think…..”

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“A book that will add a new layer of mystery to this US President”

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“A surprising little book, one that is full of good sense and relevant to today while reminding us of the extraordinary man Thomas Jefferson was”

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Latest Book:The Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket

Advocate Book

The Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket is for patients and their families who are navigating the maze of hospital admission.This valuable, simple and effective guide contains information about how the hospital process works and the knowledge that all patients and families need during this time. It answers common questions and provides examples of the most frequent pitfalls of being in hospital. Use the checklists and dedicated areas for writing to make sure you’re asking the right questions and staying informed of everything. This patient-centered, must-read guide can help everyone at some point in their lives when they or a loved one are admitted to hospital.

Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha

Thomas Jefferson. Few in world history could claim such a diverse array of talents and accomplishments. A true American legend, he played a pivotal role in the founding of a new nation. But one mysterious facet of his life has remained secret up till now, only recently uncovered from the archives thanks to a trusted friend. Timeless life and well-being lessons to treasure. An amazing story that intertwines the best of ancient Eastern philosophy with the spirit of the American Revolution……….


High Percentage Wellness Steps

Modern medicine is all about treating illness and disease. But how about promoting wellness instead? Have you ever wondered if there are some simple and natural everyday lifestyle choices that can dramatically improve your health and well-being? Things your doctor should be telling you all the time, but doesn’t. Recommendations based on solid medical science. In High Percentage Wellness Steps, you will be shown some of these easy everyday steps and compelling scientific evidence for incorporating them into your routine. Study results that have higher percentage improvements than many new medications and treatments. From what you are eating to how you are thinking, steps that will leave you feeling healthier, happier and empowered.

All profits from this book are being donated to a number of health related charities, including the Red Cross and Make A Wish Foundation.