Dr Suneel Dhand

“Hello and welcome to my website and blog, DocThinx. I hope you enjoy, please sign up for free email article updates if you like my posts (link on the right of the page). My articles highlight some of the challenges and problems we face in healthcare, and my own observations and remedies as a frontline doctor. It’s my belief that many of the answers are relatively simple and straightforward, like practicing good and thorough bedside medicine, communicating better, spending more time with our patients, minimizing bureaucracy, and focusing on prevention rather than cure. All changes in healthcare must also always be led by physicians and nurses, maintaining a relentless focus on the frontlines and our patients. Please check out my 10-point Common Sense Manifesto for frontline medicine and also my YouTube Channel”. Suneel  


In additional to my greatly enjoyable clinical work, I am also:

  • Founder of DocSpeak Communications, a communications agency dedicated to improving communication at both an individual and organizational level. I am currently doing a lot of work focusing on the intersection between technology and the human experience.
  • Co-founder at DocsDox, a company that helps physicians looking for more independence and autonomy, find work opportunities.





Dr. Suneel Dhand is board-certified in internal medicine. He was born in London and grew up in Berkshire, England. Suneel went to medical school at Cardiff University and then moved across the pond, completing his internal medicine residency in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently lives in Boston and practices as a hospital medicine physician.

Suneel’s clinical interests include improving healthcare communication, patient experience, and the intersection of technology with frontline clinical care. He regularly writes and speaks about these topics. As well as his duties as a frontline doctor (which he enjoys the most), Suneel has experience in the implementation of hospital IT systems, and was the lead hospital physician for the successful implementation of a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system in Worcester, Massachusetts. Suneel also has experience in a number of different healthcare environments and systems. In addition to practicing as a physician up and down the East coast, including in Florida, he previously worked in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, and undertook an elective experience in Australia where he worked with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, flying on airborne missions to the Australian Outback.

Suneel holds a faculty position with Tufts University Medical School as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine. He has authored numerous articles in clinical medicine that have been published in leading medical journals, covering a wide range of specialty areas. He has also authored chapters in the “5-Minute Clinical Consult” medical textbook. His other main area of interest is preventive medicine and wellness, and he is the author of two well-being books; High Percentage Wellness Steps, and the historical fiction book, Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha.

When he is not working in the hospital or on healthcare-related projects, Suneel enjoys running, swing dancing, golf, traveling the world, and getting back to London as often as possible!


Company sites:

DocsDox: click here

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