When a chart speaks a thousand words…


I happened to stumble across the above chart online the other day. It’s not new data, and was actually quoted in this major publication. I can write articles and parse the challenges we face till the cows come home, but nothing can really sum up what’s wrong with American healthcare more than this chart. It says everything and is quite obnoxious. What’s worse, it’s from 2009—and the curve has probably considerably diverged since then.

So that’s it, my blog post for the week. Just stare at this chart and take it all in. Feel free to comment below. I was going to write a long article on what these curves mean for healthcare. Then I thought to myself: absolutely nothing I write can possibly say more than the chart itself. It speaks not just a thousand words, but a million…..


Footnote: The above chart was found in multiple online publications, and I did not have time to find the original source. However, no frontline healthcare professional would be surprised by this exponential administration bloat, because we see it at close quarters every day. If you’d like more reading because I’ve only posted a short post this week, I also refer you to this great article from The Hill titled: Administrative job growth in healthcare isn’t good for America.

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