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Maybe healthcare needs a Donald Trump or two

28 Jul 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

He’s loud, brash and audacious. He’s been a celebrity for decades, a well-known businessman and reality TV star. And anyone who is even remotely following the news at the moment knows he’s also dominating headlines with his Presidential run. I’m going to pause here to say that I’m not going to get into the politics

Not letting a computer come between me and my patients

21 Jul 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Ask any frontline physician at the moment what one of their biggest daily frustrations is and you will probably hear a very similar thing whether you are talking to a primary care, emergency room, or hospital physician. The thing that most takes them away from patients and makes them forget the reasons why they went

5 things that doctors learn from their patients

14 Jul 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

    For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new healthcare paradigm—which is of course the right way forward—the doctor patient relationship will always remain relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. Essentially, patients come to doctors for help, and the knowledge transfer, advice and guidance flows in one main

On life support: the amount of clinical time doctors spend with patients

7 Jul 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

How much time do doctors actually spend with patients during a typical day? The answer to this question should trouble any good and competent physician. It’s been shrinking year by year, and has now reached a critically low level. In fact, if it were a laboratory result or an imaging reading, it would probably be

5 simple ways we can give our patients a better experience

30 Jun 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Being sick and hospitalized in a lonely and unfamiliar place is a terrifying time for our patients. It’s an easy thing for doctors and nurses to forget as we go about our hectic days, when time goes by so quickly that we barely have time to stop and think. Whether you are practicing medicine in

The Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket

23 Jun 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Having been an Attending physician for the last several years and practiced medicine up and down the east coast, I’ve witnessed firsthand the daily challenges we face in healthcare, which are surprisingly the same in every hospital I’ve ever worked in. Seeing these issues and feeling passionately about them led me to develop a strong

Taking a proper History & Physical

16 Jun 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

The History and Physical (H&P) is the cornerstone of initial patient care. For those of you who are non-medical reading this, it simply means the interview and examination that occurs the first time the doctor sees their patient. I was trained in the United Kingdom—Cardiff Medical School—to give due credit to a great institution that

A failure to address the fundamental questions in healthcare

9 Jun 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

In the world of healthcare, we face a lot of questions and challenges. Hospital administrations across the country are grappling with these and always on the lookout for solutions. As far as raising the standard of healthcare quality, there’s been great progress over the last several years in the areas of patient safety, adhering to

The discharge paperwork makeover

2 Jun 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

It could be the title of a new primetime show (maybe it should be): The Great Discharge Paperwork Makeover. Assemble a group of bright and creative minds from across the country and put them together in an exotic location for a week to talk about something that will affect all of us one day—either ourselves

Let’s consign shared hospital rooms to the dustbin of healthcare history

26 May 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

The medical world has made terrific scientific and technological progress over the last century. Previously incurable diseases can now be treated as day cases and patients no longer have to accept a paternalistic, one-sided relationship with their doctors. Hospitals too, have a come a long way if you look at pictures of what they used