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Bracing for the busy winter in hospitals

1 Dec 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

With the depths of winter just around the corner, doctors and nurses everywhere know what’s about to hit them over the next few months. The inevitable surge in hospital admissions during colder weather is almost as predictable as knowing the leaves will be falling off the trees in the fall. As someone who has worked [&hellip

Hospital Readmissions: The unfortunate predictability of it all

24 Nov 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Readmissions to hospital, especially within 30 days of discharge, are on the radar of all healthcare organizations in the United States. This is due in no small part to stiff financial penalties that are now imposed on the worst performers by the federal government. On the surface, it may seem like a reasonable thing to [&hellip

An Open Letter to the American Medical Association and all State Medical Boards to stop using the word “Provider”

17 Nov 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Dear Organization, The last few years have been a period of unprecedented change in the world of healthcare. The need to reign in costs, expand access, and ensure higher quality care—all at a time of rapid medical and technological advancements—has changed innumerable aspects of the practice of medicine. Throughout this, one common theme has been [&hellip

Healthcare IT: I was duped

10 Nov 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Last week I was playing golf with some friends. The Boston area has been having a bit of an Indian summer, and we are lucky to still be getting out there (long may it last). The conversation during one of the holes turned to healthcare information technology, when my friend, who is also a physician, told me about his [&hellip

Could scribes be the ultimate answer to the frontline woes of hospital care?

3 Nov 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Statistics suggest that physicians are now spending a minimal amount of time in direct patient care, shockingly as little as 10 percent of their day. This proportion of time that physicians (and nurses) actually spend interacting with patients has been shrinking year by year. There’s the need to communicate with other members of the expanding [&hellip

Healthcare IT: lowering physician and patient satisfaction one click at a time

27 Oct 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

The use of information technology in healthcare holds so much promise, and potential yet to be realized. Ask any frontline physician and they will list electronic medical records (EMRs) as one of their biggest daily frustrations. A brilliant video by Zubin Damania, also known as ZDoggMD, recently parodied the current situation and the pain felt [&hellip

So not a Provider: Part Deux

20 Oct 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about the word Provider, and how physicians have been a bit blindsided to what’s fast becoming their new title. It started something of a social media wave. For anyone who hasn’t read the article, it can be found here. It was good to see the article [&hellip

Too many cooks in the kitchen syndrome

13 Oct 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

There’s a new epidemic sweeping American hospitals, and a cure is desperately needed. It’s highly contagious and causes the sufferer much anxiety and psychological suffering. It also costs the healthcare system millions, if not billions, of dollars a year. You may never have heard of it. You won’t find it in the medical textbooks nor [&hellip

Why I wrote the Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket

6 Oct 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

As someone who has always enjoyed writing and other creative activities, it was a pleasure to write the Ultimate Patient Advocate in Your Pocket—which combines those endeavors with my work as a frontline doctor. It’s been great to get so much positive feedback about the booklet, which is designed to help patients through their hospitalization. [&hellip

When the doctor became the “Provider”

29 Sep 2015 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

It’s a change in nomenclature that’s come a bit out of the blue over the last few years. The forces appear to be aligning to gradually push the word “Doctor” out of the center and towards the periphery of healthcare. Whether we are talking about administrative communication or healthcare information technology order entry—it seems that [&hellip