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Medicine: Where have the stories gone?

9 Feb 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

I was at a dinner meeting for our hospital last week, and before everyone went in to sit at their tables and hear the evenings’ speeches, there was some time for the usual networking over wine in the reception room. I got chatting to an established local primary care physician. A respected member of the [&hellip

This is why pushing for change is tough for physicians

2 Feb 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Physicians are an interesting and eclectic bunch of people who have sacrificed a lot to get to where they are. Just getting into medical school alone is an academic achievement to be proud of. And that’s just the start of the journey. What follows is one of the most rigorous courses of study in existence. [&hellip

3 immediate ways that healthcare information technology can improve

29 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

We’ve got a long way to go before information technology solutions at the frontlines of healthcare fulfill their enormous potential. The suboptimal, clunky and cumbersome design of most IT systems is responsible for much misery among physicians and nurses on a daily basis. Part of the problem is that hospitals and clinics have rolled out [&hellip

Direct patient care time: A moral problem in healthcare as much as a practical one

26 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

I was dining at a friend’s house recently after a long day in the hospital. He has just bought a beautiful new home with his rapidly expanding family, and like anyone who has just moved into a new house, his spare time is invariably spent working on getting everything in order and undertaking small upgrades to make the new [&hellip

An example of the mobile technology we need in healthcare: a Future iPhone App

22 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is something that every physician up and down the country will be familiar with. For anyone non-medical reading this, it’s the process by which physician orders are now placed in nearly all US hospitals. As little as only 5 years ago, most hospitals were still using pen and paper to [&hellip

My plumbing experience: Hoping that healthcare has more honor

19 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Within the last several weeks, I’ve had two plumbing issues that have caused me to reflect on the honorability of various professions and the way in which people go about earning an honest day’s crust. Let me take you back to the beginning of the story. I was actually working nights a couple of months [&hellip

Here’s the disconnect between technologists and the real world of frontline medicine

15 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

I recently attended a healthcare networking meeting in a Boston suburb. The room was filled with interesting folk from a number of different backgrounds. After an informal breakfast chat among the attendees, we all settled into our seats to hear the presentations. The keynote speech, given by a well-known local entrepreneur, focused on his ideas [&hellip

Healthy eating and drinking: We need more folk like this

12 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

On my recent trip back to England for Christmas, in between all the usual binge eating that occurs around this time of year, I was walking in a small mall in our neighboring town when I stumbled upon something very refreshing. Amongst all the watch repairers, popcorn vendors, and cellphone cover sellers—there was a new [&hellip

Why I started HealthITImprove

8 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

Since our launch in December, HealthITImprove has already received much positive support from the physician community and I’m confident that we can succeed in our mission of improving and optimizing healthcare information technology at the frontlines of clinical medicine. I’ve gotten a number of questions about what motivated me to start the organization and what [&hellip

A New Year’s Wish List for Healthcare Information Technology

5 Jan 2016 By Suneel Dhand | Blog

As the New Year arrives and healthcare continues its rapid evolution, one of the most critical challenges that we face is the interaction of information technology with frontline clinical medicine. If you were to ask, at the start of 2016, any physician (or even nurse) what their biggest daily frustrations are—most would list healthcare IT [&hellip