Fixing Physicians’ Broken Windows

I am honored to be a member of the medical profession. Being a physician is a great job and a highly rewarding thing to do. One of the aspects that I like most, unlike so many other desk or number jobs, is that you ...Read More

When a chart speaks a thousand words…

I happened to stumble across the above chart online the other day. It’s not new data, and was actually quoted in this major publication. I can write articles and parse the challenges we face till the cows come home, but nothing can really sum ...Read More

Being an Independent, the most liberating feeling

Exactly a year ago, on the day of last year’s election, I wrote a piece that touched upon humankind’s turbulent history, basic traits, and inevitable propensity for division and conflict—based upon an amazing book I read: A Little History of the World. I related ...Read More

Why physicians should always be their own brand

Healthcare in America and the practice of medicine has undergone a sea change over the last couple of decades. It used to be about Dr Johnson’s office around the corner that would serve you and your whole family. Nowadays, it’s about mega-specialty groups and ...Read More